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Web Design

Our web design services range from consulting on web layout and selection of a hosting service to full collaborative construction and maintenance of your site.

We design exclusively for Open Source server suites, predominantly featuring: Apache Web Servers, PHP embedded server scripts, and Perl or Ruby CGI scripts, with MySQL, SQLite, or PostgreSQL datbase backends. Our general-purpose page designs feature a minimal amount of client-side scripting (such as Javascript) so that your pages will have the same functionality and similar appearance on all browsers. Client-side scripting, AJAX, and plugins are used when required to present effectively to the target market. An added advantage of server-side scripting is the ability to design self-maintaining web pages. Time-sensitive data can be entered ahead of time and automatically displayed during the selected period. This ensures web pages only contain current data. Our designs can use database engines if available, or be entirely self-contained, using our own file formats.

We also design forms-based web pages that allow the web owner to add, modify, and delete data through an easy-to-use, customized web interface directly to the web server. Most other web designs require the owner to continue to use the web consultant for day-to-day changes or to learn PC-based web authoring tools, or to learn how to maintain the pages with FTP and a text or simple HTML editor. Forms produce faster, cost effective updates, because only the essential data needs to be entered. Forms-based web updates overcome the limitation of conventional web-authoring tools, which often do not handle embedded scripting languages well. Forms-based updates ensure the integrity and functionality of the scripts remains intact.

We can also integrate our web designs with commercial sales listing packages or shopping cart applications. Use of cascading style sheets for page layout and element design makes site maintenance simple and easy, even for applications that depend on static html page generation.

Examples of our current web projects:

Web applications for internal (intranet) use, all developed for the Research Technologies Section of the National Institutes of Health, National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, Rocky Mountain Laboratories: