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Information Engineering Services was founded in Washington State in 1989 and operated from facilities in western Montana for ten years, returning to Washington State in the fall of 2009. Our goal is to bring the benefits of custom information technology to small businesses: providing the right-sized, affordable solution that best fits your business. Currently, we develop on and for open-source compatible systems exclusively, which includes Linux, Solaris, and web services that support open-source server-side coding. We are now in semi-retirement and not taking new clients.

Our projects have included:

Our logo, rendered in an Arts & Crafts typeface (ca. 1900), symbolizes our commitment to simple, elegant, hand-crafted design.


Larye D. Parkins, principal consultant, has 59 years of experience in the information technology field. He holds a Master of Software Engineering degree from Seattle University. His career has spanned multiple disciplines, from hardware engineering, systems engineering, and test engineering to software engineering, teaching, and systems administration.


Information Engineering Services' development and operational systems consist of a small network of machines, including a virtual machine host server, running several different Linux distribution versions, FreeBSD, and OpenSolaris. We have image scanning and digital photography resources, using the GIMP to edit and create web images. Our development and production systems use Apache web servers, PHP server-side scripting, and Perl and Ruby CGI scripting. We currently do not host customer web sites: customer's webs are built on local ISP services or nation-wide site-hosting services.

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